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Seasons for the Soul

Spells of Nature

The Embroidered Art of Julia van den Bosch

Unicorn Publishing

Published March 2024
Hardback, £25
ISBN: 9781916846043

The beauty and magic of nature seen through the eye of a needle

Colours of flowers and shapes of leaves and trees; bleached grass and golden cornfields at harvest time; spiders webs on the structures of decayed seedheads; a metallic green chafer beetle landing on a deep crimson rose; a shooting star. All are part of the world full of intriguing secrets, minute detail, and the sumptuous colours and textures of nature that lend themselves to their translation into rich embroidery.

This embroidered path of the seasons uses hand embroidery, in its traditional role of storytelling, to share nature's gifts. Each stitch holds the emotion of the moment, record keeping and journaling. The book tells the story of the healing and companionship that the seasons offered during the enforced isolation of the pandemic and how it enabled the artist to find beauty and solace in solitude.

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What the reviewers say about Seasons for the Soul

"Like so many people, Julia van den Bosch found solace in nature during the dark days of the pandemic lockdown. This stunningly illustrated book is her record of the magic and beauty she discovered on her own doorstep through the changing seasons. It is a work of art."
 – Zac Goldsmith

"The beauty of the English countryside — its wild flowers, trees and fauna, its magic and folklore — explored and celebrated through the art of embroidery. A gorgeous, healing, inspiring book."
 – Alex Martin, author of The Weaver's Trade

"This is a beautifully illustrated, evocative and uplifting book that shows off the extraordinary power of simple country gardens to soar the soul.
 – Piers Morgan

"Very few positive things came from the response to Covid, but Julia's book is an example of how many of us turned our gaze to nature and found its healing properties for the body and mind. This book is an inspiration."
 – Alex Saberi

"To be in tune with the earth's energies and colours is the closest way to be part of something so complex and magical. With Seasons for the Soul, Julia shares with you this inspiring and beautiful universe we are all part of."
 – Ronny de Koning, Artistic Director of Petersham Nurseries

The Author

Julia's childhood was spent in the Kent countryside so nature became a major part of her life. She found hand embroidery was the perfect way for her to share the beauty and magical life of nature, in all its sumptuous colour, texture and detail. It became her great passion to broider her findings. She lives happily with her family of animals in an old cottage in Surrey.

Seasons for the Soul will be available in all major bookshops and online retailers or direct from www.unicornpublishing.org. To order please email orders@unicornpublishing.org.